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Zaman Ashraf

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Website Design

I design sleek, user-friendly websites that make your brand stand out and your message clear.

Digital Marketing

I boost your online presence with SEO and SMM tactics that drive traffic and engage your target audience.

E-Commerce Management

I take the hassle out of online selling, managing your eCommerce so you can get back to business.

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Learn to Create Crazy eCommerece Website

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My Clients

Partnering with a diverse clientele, I pride myself on delivering exceptional digital solutions that drive growth and success. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who’ve elevated their online potential with my expert services.




Steph Venture

Company Inc.

As a SEO Consultant, I helped Stephanie optimize her website to perform better in the search engines. I also scaled the website to make it faster for users.

DRNY (Custom Website Development)

Company Inc.

DRNY is a wellness clinic for skin care and spa services in Israil. Our Team made responsive custom website for this Business.

Africa Data School

Company Inc.

As a search engine optimization consultant and website manager, I worked for Africa Data School. It is a well known Platform in Africa that teaches Data Sciences and Machine Learning.


Digital Marketing


My journey to become a certified digital marketer began with DigiSkills in 2017. I got certified as a digital marketer from there and worked for a number of clients after that.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Although I previously worked in digital marketing, I joined iSkills, which is one of Pakistan’s best online training platforms, to learn more about SEO. So, I Got certified from there too.

SEO 1 Certification

HubSpot Academy
Demonstrated proficiency in the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) through HubSpot Academy’s SEO 1 Certification. Gained knowledge in:
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • On-page SEO best practices
  • Technical SEO principles
  • Content creation for search engines
  • Measuring and improving SEO performance

SEO 2 Certification​

HubSpot Academy
This Certification is All About Advanced my SEO skills with HubSpot Academy’s SEO 2 Certification, covering:
  • Advanced keyword research and clustering
  • Content marketing and link building strategies
  • Technical SEO for mobile and page speed
  • Local SEO and internationalization
  • SEO analytics and reporting

Google Ads - Measurement Certification

Google SkillShop
Demonstrated expertise in measuring and optimizing Google Ads campaigns through the Google Ads – Measurement Certification, issued in April 2024 and valid until April 2025 (Credential ID: 101820938). This certification showcases my ability to:
  • Measure and report on campaign performance
  • Set up and track conversions
  • Use Google Ads metrics and dimensions
  • Analyze and optimize ad performance
  • Utilize Google Ads measurement tools and features
This certification demonstrates my proficiency in leveraging Google Ads measurement capabilities to drive campaign success and inform data-driven decisions.




Let’s talk about your project

Got a vision? Let’s bring it to life! Share your project ideas with me, and together, we’ll craft a digital strategy that turns heads and opens doors. Start the conversation today!